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Big Squirt!

Invented in sunny So Cal, Big Squirt!® sits right next to all the fun famous So Cal inventions like theWater Weenie®, Hot Wheels®, Frisbie® and the very tasty In-N-Out Burger®, a So Cal icon.

Since 1988, Big Squirt! Inc. has been manufacturing the ever popular Big Squirt® Water Toy as you see it today. Known for the most wet summer fun you can have, the award winning Big Squirt!® has brought smiles to millions of people and wet clothes to even more.

Oh, why did we mention the iconic In-N-Out Burger? Well, in 1989 all the deliveries and trips to to another icon made famous by "Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure," Raging Waters San Dimas, were fueled with pit stops at the very first In-N-Out Burger stand in Baldwin Park, just off the I-10 freeway & Francisquito — just try to pronounce that one.

Big Squirt! was invented by Joel M. Schafer, an engineer who worked at Hughes Aircraft Company, yes, the company founded by its namesake, Howard Hughes. While the young engineer was serious about science and satellites, he was crazy about water and living at the beach. One day in 1987, while on a different water related adventure on the Colorado River, the waterlogged inventor saw something that made the gears start turning.

The next stop wasn’t the laboratory, it was back home to the beach! That very next spring the Big Squirt! company was started in the living room of a Hermosa Beach, CA surf house. When not surfing, skateboarding or cruisin’, the days were spent full of R & D, squirting people along the famous Hermosa Beach "strand." Hermosa Beach is also the birthplace of surf equipment maker Body Glove and the famous Dive-n' Surf surf shop.

After only one summer, the operation outgrew the living room and the business was moved to a garage in neighboring Redondo Beach. While this was an ideal move, the very next summer, the garaged proved too small for the fast growing company.

Since 2000, Big Squirt! Inc. has been innovating and building the entire Big Squirt! product line in its current Torrance, CA location. An award winning company, Big Squirt! Inc. is also an innovator in participatory waterpark attractions, consumer products and backyard fun.